Design And Build


We believe that first impressions are the most important. If this is true for you, then what people see first upon arriving at your residence needs to make the right impression. One piece of the home that often goes unnoticed, but is usually what the eye first sees is the mailbox. Whether it’s friends and family using your mailbox as the landmark to find your drive, or reading the numbers on each until yours is found, the mailbox is noticed as part of your home. Upgrading to a brick or stone mailbox can be a beautiful addition to your home and a great first impression.

Maybe you’ve already made the move to a beautiful brick or stone mailbox, but unfortunately, it has been hit, is leaning, and/or experiencing insert rust and deterioration. Brick & Stone Master can repair your existing mailbox or customize a box, just for you!





We provide three basic styles and encourage improvisation from there:

Have another design in mind? Brick & Stone Master can make it happen! All brick or stone mailboxes can be upgraded to include secure, locked boxes.

Brick Fences

When you’re deciding on fencing options for your home, nothing says warmth, strength and good looks like a brick or stone fence. With proper maintenance, these stone and brick fences can last a lifetime. We’ve been building stone and brick fences for decades in the DFW Metroplex. Let our skilled professionals design and build your new addition!


A brick fence is about both beauty and creating a nice ring of privacy for you and your family. We can build both high fences with your privacy in mind, as well as low-lying brick fences that create a boundary while allowing for a view of a your spectacular home.
 We offer many styles and color variations, including projections bricks. Our experienced project managers will find and match bricks for your new fence that compliment the bricks of your existing fence or home.


Our stone masonry sets us far apart from the rest, and this craftsmanship is beautifully extended in our stone fences. We offer a large variety of stone options from small stones to large stones and light stones to dark. We can construct your stone wall to match existing walkway, patios or stone siding.

Here are a couple examples of just a few of our design options:

Why a Brick or Stone Fence?

Brick and stone fences offer durability, a beautiful classic look and they are built to last. Brick and stone fences don’t rot or fall apart like some wooden fences and best of all, they are and become even more attractive with each passing year. With our skilled brick and stone masters, you can rest assure that your new fence will not only look beautiful, but will be built to last.

Flagstone Wall

We stack slim-cut stones into a low wall, making an attractive way to ring your space and accent your backyard landscape. Differences in stone thickness and horizontal placement really add to the uniqueness of this style. We can create a distinctive flagstone wall that reflects the look of stacked stone. These walks are great for retaining walls, planters and flower beds, and also a wonderful addition for highlighting curved or strait walls!

Mortared Stone Wall / A.K.A. Single Stone Wall

A mortared stone wall is flexible in design and can be shaped to fit any landscape and matched to almost any color. Mortared stone walls are more of a classic design and often great option to traditional stone. This is an ideal choice for garden walls because it provides a sturdy, yet natural-looking building material.

Mortared Fieldstone Retaining Wall

Fieldstone retaining walls have been around for thousands of years and offer a very classic look. Fieldstone walls come across as both attractive and natural looking. The fieldstone is a popular variation and a great accent to any home.

Brick and Stone Columns

We can create custom brick and stone columns to flank your front drive, creating a beautiful first impression upon arriving at your home. Many doors are opened with column design, including incorporating iron for exquisite front gate creations. Columns are also great corner posts for fences, setting sturdy, good looking boundaries.

Brick and Stone Arches

Brick and stone arches stemming from custom fences create a dramatic, breath-taking effect. Customize your castle-like entrance with an arched doorway, iron gate, or even a peek-in window. The combinations are as endless as your imagination for your home will take you.